High Line New York

Location: New York, USA
Design: Diller, Scofidio + Renfro
Year: 1999 - 2008

Restructuring Infrastructure

In 2008, the 'High Line' was delivered; a public city park in New York with a length of approximately 2300 metres. The park has been developed on an abandoned railway viaduct in the southwest of Manhattan, which was build during the 1930's. In former days, the railway was the connection between several places in the former industrial hart of the city. During the 1990's a group of progressive New Yorkers saw the opportunities that this declined railway could offer. Supported by private parties and governments, a feasible and economically grounded vision was developed, a vision that was strongly related with a large scale restructuring plan for the West Chelsea district situated next to the High Line.

The stretched roofscape, designed by Diller, Scofidio+Renfro exists of a walking route that connects different places to stay. These places to stay often have a mutual contrasting character. A butterfly garden, a nature garden or wildly covered wetland are just some examples. The places to stay are alternated by bigger and smaller places to rest, such as a wooden cover for sunbathes, points where one can look over the city and small squares for expositions, manifestations and performances. All buildings, attached to the park have internal connections so that employees use the park almost automatically. Much attention is paid towards the vertical connections, often established on important junctions. Elevators, ramps and all kinds of stairs give the entrees a playful and unique appearance.

The spinoff inflicted by the park towards the surrounding districts is enormous. The economical and cultural possibilities for these areas have increased . Art galleries, design boutiques, clothes stores and cultural companies have settled in former industrial buildings and depots. The renovation of a lot of buildings has been a lot easier and quicker as expected. Furthermore, the renowned Whitney Museum of American Art will build an auxiliary branch at the start of the High Line.






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