Logrono, Eco-city

Location: Logrono, Spain
Design: MVRDV
Year: design 2008

In the autonomous region Rioja, North Spain, MVRDV designed an extension to the city of Logroño consisting of 3000 social dwellings, and including schools, community centers, sports facilities etcetera. The 56 hectares site is located just north of Logroño on two small hills. The south facing hills not only provide beautiful views of the city, but also provide optimal conditions for solar energy collection using PV-cells. The windmills stand at the top of the hills, catching the wind; a landmark for the area. Combined, the solar and wind energy collected are capable of fulfilling the energy need for the 3.000 units of social housing.
Built areas are very compact and dense, thus keeping the impact on the landscape to a minimum. The space made available by building compactly is transformed into a eco-park, a mix of landscape and energy production. Like a snake, the linear urban development meanders through the landscape both horizontally and vertically. By making use of the height differences, every apartment takes maximum advantage of the views. The roofs of the lower situated slabs are accessible and offer possibilities to create a public space overlooking the landscape of La Rioja.
A grey-water cycle with natural cleaning of sewage water is integrated in the design.





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