Location: Oss, Piekenhoef, NL
Client: Municipality of Oss
Design: VHP
Year: 2007

The Piekenhoef housing estate, to the south of Berghem, lies at the boundary between the low-lying Maas river valley and the higher-lying aeolian sand ridges of Brabant. It is important to infiltrate water directly into the subsoil in order to keep the housing estate green and to maintain the water table. The rainwater runoff and detention system therefore forms the principle starting point for the urban design and landscaping of Piekenhoef.

Piekenhoef also forms a hydrological link between Berghem and the extended nature reserve. This motivated the construction of five 'wadis', wide, grassy infiltration trenches that run through the residential area. The wadis allow runoff rainwater to percolate into the subsoil. They also establish a clear relation between the residential contexts and the surrounding landscape, and between the village and the forest.

The main public spaces consist of the principal access routes for cars and bicycles, the ribbons of the wadis and the Bospark (woodland park). They make up the spatial framework of the district. This framework makes it possible to modify sections of the plan without degrading the main structure. The traffic pattern has an east-west alignment, and the wadis run north-south. The woodland park, approximately 5 hectares in area, has a layout based on the structure of the surrounding landscape. It is the main public space linking Berghem to the nature reserve to its south.




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