Water Squares

Yes, it rains !

The water square; creating a sustainable solution to the flooding of cities

The water square offers a new solution to the flooding of our cities due to heavy rainfall. The watersquare combines a vivid public space with a place for water collection.

We experience a significant change in our climate. In the years to come heavy rainfall will increase. Our city sewage systems can't cope with these sudden amounts of water. Parts of the city will flood time after time, causing severe damage to the public domain and to private properties.

In many Dutch cities the inconvenience is especially large because they are situated below sea-level. This situation asks for an innovative approach. To increase the capacity of the sewage system isn't a wise thing to do. The city will not benefit from this expensive and invisible technical solution. Instead we propose to collect the rainwater from a neighbourhood into a water square; an attractive space to meet, to play and to engage in sports. The water square is also the place to buffer the water from rainstorms. The water square becomes a gathering place for people to enjoy.

Most of the year the water square will be dry. It is only during heavy rainfall that the square will be filled with water. Streams, brooklets and ponds will emerge, kids can play in and around the water. In winter it is even possible to skate on the ice! The rainwater of the water square can also serve as a grey-water system for the surrounding houses. After the rain the collected water will slowly recede into either nearby bodies of water or into the soil. The present sewage system will not be burdened, avoiding contaminated sewage water to overflow into moats and canals, which is the case at this time.

Facts on the Watersquare:


Florian Boer


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