Smart Architecture

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Consider the notions time, efficiency and interactivity in the context of architecture and instantly you may find your head clouded with images of technocratic modernism. Think of ecology and environmental issues in relation to buildings and what you get is either a vision of Arcadian green landscapes sparsely populated with small reed-roofed cottages or horrific projects with environmentally responsible add-ons. The smart thing to do is to think in terms of interaction, minimum use of materials and energy, and careful planning over longer periods of time, to reduce the environmental impact of this major human activity called building. What you then get is smart architecture. Smart Architecture is a gloriously illustrated, light-hearted book based on the outcome of the research project presented by SLA Foundation on its smartarch website. It consists mainly of examples involving new ideas on planning, building and construction and the application of intelligent systems, all in aid of sustainability. Analysing the challenges and opportunities with the help of numerous inspiring examples, it presents a smart way to fulfil user demands now and in roughly three hundred years time. The book is targeted at designers and those involved in the spatial planning of our living and working environment.

Authors: Ed van Hinte, Marc Neelen, Jacques Vink en Piet Vollaard

Design: Erik Wong Publisher: 010-publishers Rotterdam

Publisher: 010-publishers Rotterdam, 2003

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