Design: 2012 architecten
Year: 2009
Location: Heerlen

Shrinking Cities
Some regions in the Netherlands are shrinking. The Dutch governments studies the consequences of this phenomenon and the chances it offers. In this study, two districts of the city Heerlen are taken as a case study.

Sustainability: the City as ecosystem 
Water, electricity, heat, food, building materials, users and money are part of the metabolism a city. In the previous century, relations between those entities are broken. Sustainability, talking about the design of cities, has to strive for the reduction and the local based short-circuit of goods and energy flows. A combination of revaluing old techniques, small scale technologies, bringing green into cities and the unlimited possibilities for exchange of data makes it possible in our 21st century to create new combinations of functions that encourage regional developments.

"With design (the division of space), we hope to shape conditions for a process of sustainability without narrow obligations. Cyclifiers are introduced, elements that stimulate a recycle city and anticipate on trends and probabilities. Recyclicity enlarges the possibilities of a sustainable urban environment, with short and smart connected cycles of physical flows and energy flows, wherein everything is a pre phase for an upcoming phase."

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