Jón Kristinsson

Jón Kristinsson is both architect and inventor. He has international patents for new building materials and alternative energy concepts in his name. Several of these inventions date from the 1960's such as ingenious solar collectors and solar cavity homes. Other inventions such as seasonally bound heat storage in the ground and cooling by using the relatively cold underground have been applied in some recently completed projects (fire station in Soest).

In Jón Kristinsson's vision architects should not limit themselves to designing buildings. The final goal is achieving an ecological balance between our constructed environment. This can only be achieved by using the (building) physics as a starting point in the designing process. In his designing method -Integral designing - the environment is divided into four components:

The analysis of these four components forms the start for each design. Jón Kristinsson is his own advisor. "The 'fees' for electro-technical mechanical engineering advisors is determined by the size of the installation. Actually they should be paid for the amount of installation that they can calculate away. New concepts can only be completed this way. Not only at the building level, but also at the town-planning level such as, for example, the use of the remaining heat from power plants to heat the homes."

Jón Kristinsson observes that the newest building regulations make it almost impossible to use natural ventilation. Plus a life span of 30 years is assumed. If we really want sustainable construction then we should make homes 15% larger than the generally accepted norms and with natural ventilation because that makes them last longer. He refers to the houses from the 1930's that seem to be extremely popular at this time. These are naturally ventilated and are very spacious so they can be flexibly arranged.

Jón Kristinsson's dream is realising a design that he made during his study (1961). A home for himself and his family in his native country Iceland (Reykjavik, 1936). The design consists of shelled roofs from enforced concrete inspired by old sod huts. The sculpture-like home conforms to the landscape. This is typical for Kristinsson who tries to improve traditional architecture with the newest techniques and inventions.

office: Architecten en Ingenieursbureau Kristinsson, Deventer (NL)




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